Designed in Italy, created to be assembled to suit your mood, the watch allows you to choose the color of the dial and case. You can work out the pairings you want, creating multiple configurations.


I’m a watch enthusiast, and I love experimenting in respect of the environment and sustainability.

I created this brand thanks to my son Mattia Libero, who was caught in the summer of 2021 coloring with different colors a watch he found inside a drawer during a summer day.

When I saw him and went to ask for an explanation, he felt half guilty, half proud of himself, laughing and he said to me: “but why can’t you change when you want the color to leave those things under the glass anyway?"

That’s where THE IDEA clicked. Part of the name itself evolved into Latin form giving birth to LIBERUM® brand.


We had to test many watch manufacturers in order to find one that was experienced enough to meet our needs. The manufacturer we chose has produced luxury watches for well-known brands.

We care about quality and detail, from the first stage of production to the final product.

What are the advantages of modularity?

It offers many advantages, such as making the watch more interesting to the owner. Collection can be easily increased in an economical and sustainable way. Everything becomes much more playful and also easier to repair.