I'm a watch enthusiast, and I love experimenting with materials that do not have a negative effect on the environment and that are also sustainable.


This brand was inspired by my son Mattia Libero, who was caught in the summer of 2021 coloring with different colors a watch he found inside a drawer during a summer day.  When I saw him and asked for an explanation I could see he felt half guilty, but was also half proud of himself. He said to me while laughing: “but why can’t you change when you want the color to leave those things under the glass anyway?” That’s where the idea clicked. Part of the name itself evolved into Latin form giving birth to LIBERUM® brand.


The project started with an idea by Mattia Libero. The problem is that he is only 5 years old.  

Therefore, we joined forces with a group of individuals united by a pure passion for timepieces. After numerous evaluations and tests, we managed to create the first prototypes of the DMD 001. The team members are watch enthusiasts and understand the importance of having a quality product on your wrist that is comfortable and durable for everyday use.